Not so long ago, many people thought that anal & vaginal bleaching was something that only fashion models and adult movie stars did, in order to enhance their looks and boost their respective carriers. However, these days, it would seem that the anal and vaginal bleaching craze has consumed even the ordinary men and women all over the world, especially in the US and UK.

Fresh and youthful looks

Vaginal and anal bleaching is not a brand new procedure. For years, many salons have offered various bleaching treatments to all those interested in rejuvenating their private organs and making them more appealing and aesthetically pleasing. The basic notion behind a bleaching procedure is to use a product, gel or cream, which is in itself a concoction of various natural and artificial ingredients, and apply it to the affected area, in order to even out the colors of the anus and vagina and the areas that surround them.

What is the purpose?

The bleaching of your private organs will not only help you maintain their appearance and hygiene but will also make you much more satisfied and content with your own body. The private organs of the body, especially the anus and its immediate surroundings, are usually darker than the other body parts. This darkening and discoloration can be caused by a number of reasons, which can be both natural and caused by various illnesses.


Some of the most notable causes can include age, excessive production of melanin, wearing underwear that is too tight or uncomfortable, as well as various infections and health conditions. Both the vaginal and the anal bleaching products work in similar fashion and produce similar results.

To ensure their maximum effectiveness as well as your safety, you should pay attention to a couple of things.

Tips and safety measures

First of all, pay special attention to the bleaching products, when choosing one for your condition. There are a plethora of various products available on the market, both in over the counter stores and online stores, and not all of them are equally effective and safe. When checking out the products, make sure to read their ingredient composition, so as to avoid any potential allergic reactions. You can always consult your dermatologist about your allergies if you are not quite sure.

A patch test

Once you have chosen your product, do not forget to do a simple patch test, before fully applying the product to your vagina or anus. In order to perform this patch test, you should apply a very small dose of the product, i.e. in a small patch, to your private areas. Leave it as it is and wait for at least 24 hours. Once these 24 hours have passed, make sure to check the targeted areas and see if there are some skin issues, like irritation or redness. If you notice anything like that, stop using the product immediately.

Smaller tips

hdhdh841. Take good care not to let the bleach slip into your private organs. This product is meant for external use only.

2. Before you apply the product, check your skin for any redness, acne or some other skin problems. If there are some, refrain from using the product, or you will risk additional problems.

3. Try not to use products that contain hydroquinone. This ingredient is known to aid in the development of thyroid and liver problems.


How to pick and use an anal & vaginal bleaching product – Useful tips